Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Lisa Movie Review

Quentin and I just saw Marie Antoinette starting Kirstin Dunst and it was wonderful. For all you husbands out there who run to your computers to check the latest rating before you'll agree to watch any movie, forget about it! This is worth see before you read about it.
As we were walking out of the theater Quentin casual said, "this movie you had to feel your way through instead of think". I asked him if I quote him on that because it's ver true.
The plot of the movie doesn't do the traditional character dialogue with a strong plot line, instead it was all about the atmosphere and what it must have truly been like to be the Kind and Queen of France.

The life style was very extravagant, with parties and the most beautiful luxuries you could imagine. The price for all the grand however is way to much formal stuffiest. I could never ever live a life were I was constantly required to do protocol, oh it would be so suffocating.
She did however have amazing shoes!!! All the shoes in the movie are designed by Milano, it was very exciting when they have the shoe/party scenes.

I felt sorry for Marie she married probably the most boring man in France and I'm glad she found just a little bit of fun in her days of duty. I couldn't imagine the pressure she must have felt to become pregnant, hmmm things haven't changed that much since the 1700, parents and wanting grandchildren....

I'd also like to say I love Kirstin Dunst in every movie. I love her ability to be so excited and happy in one monment but then serious and realistic the next. She's so bubbly yet just as grounded at the same time, it's character I admire.

So go see the movie, it's so much fun!

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