Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Edvard Munch and his "The Kiss"

At the MoMA Museum exhibit in New York they are currently featuring Edvard Munch a European artist from this century. We went there the first night in NY because it's was free. The truth is I was exhausted, as wonderful as NY is, I feel like I walked a marathon, we were always walking and it was freezing like -10 most of the time. But it was totally worth it to be tired and freezing and to see this exhibition, I loved it. Thank you Susi for taking us there.

So the painting that I liked the most is called, "the kiss" after checking out his exhibit Edvard was a romantic, according to me! In the exhibition their were many paintings of a few particular women, one who was his fiance who he had a brutal break up with. Another was his first love who was an older married woman. Despite all his glory being a talented artist I think he had a really dark impression of himself. Susi pointed out that he loved self portrait and you could see as the years went on he would paint himself looking older and sadder. When he was young he looked very cynical and as he aged the corners of his mouth clearly looked more and more turned downward. You have to wonder about someone who has so much romance in their life but yet ends up looking so sad.

The Kiss is the painting that I remember most. Susi again pointed out that this couple look like they are almost becoming one person here. I think these two paintings are very intimate but I'm wondering if they are a bit dark, is their something happening here we don't know about.
Obviously after viewing his whole exhibit fear and fright are common themes it just makes me wonder why he viewed to world that way. I guess that's the psychologist in me, why do some people see bright colors and others not. Hmmmmmm
Anyways I love these paintings, very touching!

This one was from the Met but obviously it's not, "The Kiss"

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stephoto said...

going to art museums can be so much fun and such a learning experience... i remember going to the met was a highlight of my nyc trip... it's great that you got to see the big exhibit on edvard munch - they had a bunch of his works on display at the vancouver art gallery a few years back but it was mostly all lithographs (if i recall correctly) i dont really remember any oil paintings (which are typically my fav) - but it was very neat to see the city covered in 'the scream' promoting the exhibition.

just thought i'd letya know that there is also a very famous painting by Gustav Klimt called "the kiss" that you'd probably like - i had a poster of it in my room for years. i tried to put a copy of it in this msg but it doesnt seem to work. if u look in google images tho it's easy to find.

(this is the first time i have left a comment on your new blog i guess - it's different how you have to sign in your name... hope i got it alright)