Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Birthday and a Ferry Sinks.

K I just came from a wonderful day of lunch with Stephanie, Lulu lemon shopping and having a pedicure with Sharon. I love nail art on my toes, it's so cute.
But I'm so suprised that a Ferry sank yesterday, that's so increidble. Supposively the ferry hit a rock in the hull and sank in about an hour. Oh I'll be so interested in hearing how the heck a major commerical boat hits on a rock on a route that should be routine. Having grown up driving around on boats, I know how careful you have to be watching for all that kind of stuff, so I'm very suprised.
K here are some quotes from

He saw the ship go down, watching the massive vessel bend as it headed deep.
"The lights were still on until about halfway down. It sort of popped back up and then went straight down."
Another rescuer said he heard the 16 vehicles inside the ferry crash together like roughly handled toys.

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