Monday, March 06, 2006

Watching the Apprentice

I'm watching the Apprentice tonight and Donald just fired 2 people, Donald is so tough and he kind of reminds me of Dr. Phil, and why is that everyone loves them so much. I guess we'd prefer a harsh but good leader rather than a nice but bad one.
Anyways I felt like writing this post because I think it's so weird that in every Apprentice there's always a bad apple and you always see people sitting around talking about the bad seed. I just find it amazing that out of all these hand picked super people in every session someone seems to have these annoying tendencies.
Maybe it's the other way around, maybe groups of people find someone who is a bit of an oddball and instead of the group accommodating this oddball they sort of sacrifice him for group unity. Don't you think you see it in so many TV shows, were the group sits around and bonds at the sacrifice of one. Okay I realize this sounds kind of weird talking about sacrifices and all but I just can't help but notice it.


Shannen said...

Well Lisa, two things - this bad apple (brent) is from Canada (i believe?)... that makes it so much worse doesn't it? this is the best that could represent us??? and the other thing - all these reality show people are mostly picked based on personality and specifically personality clashes with others, what makes batter ratings? happy people getting along or a good cat fight! all these shows are the same, yet we still watch them!!

Lisa said...

Their might be an element of truth to that, I mean if you can take tests before being hired at a big corporation to see if you'll be a nuisance, and I've taken one of these test when I applied at Telus, then maybe they screen them the opposite way.
But why can't the super achiever type people be better team players and accommodate the BRENT in the group!
I'll just answer my own question cause it's a TV show, but seriously maybe these shows just teach us intolerance.