Sunday, March 12, 2006

Karim Rashid

I read about this guy in my Psychology Today mag in the personality section. Go to his website you can play music on the little shape things. Very fun and memorizing for a few minutes.
This guy is very cool because...
1. In 2000, he got rid of all his black clothes and did something called "Addition by Subtraction." For the past six years he's accumulated nothing. If he buys a pair of socks he gets rid of a pair of socks.
(This guy is my hero, I try to be very anti collect things so this sounds like the ultimate anti packrat, but it shouldn't count for stuff like pictures and personal movies.)
2.He lives a very banal life, he has to have 8hrs of sleep at night, works out six days a week, mediates each day, doesn't smoke drink or use drugs and eats perfectly.
3.He would prefer to live in a home that is free of sharp edges.
4. Own just one TV. (I also read in another article that couples who have a TV in their bedroom have sex half as often.)
5.Display objects only if they hold special meaning.
6.When he dies he plans to pressurize his ashes into diamonds, okay that's creepy but cool.
7. In his perfect world he wants to have sex everyday and edit his friends to people he would stay in contact with if he moved. (I don't like the term to edit friends but the sex part is funny.)
8.He thinks tradition holds people back, and feels that people think the past is always better even if it isn't.
9. His response to the question, But technology can be soulless and starting at a computer all day is draining..... "I think that's something you've been taught. What would be the difference between that and being in an office 30 years ago, or going to the library and spending a whole day looking through books? Roughly 25 years ago, 1 out of 20 people actually sat down and wrote letters. Today we write e-mail, nonstop. I think technology is humankind us. (I don't fully agree with this but it's interesting. )
10. He would like to throw an extravagant dance party each year. (This guy is hilarious, I love it!)

Personality personality we are so lucky we have different people in this world to change it up!


Susanne said...

Oooh, I love Psychology Today. Karim seems like an interesting character. :)

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