Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

Tonight I have the whole evening to myself so I got watch a movie that no one in the house but but me wanted to watch. Pride and Prejudice was a really touching movie filled with lots of drama, melancholy and arguments. I found myself on two occasions ready to hop out of my seat as the main characters told each other what they really thought.... it was great fun!
The whole ambiance of the movie was beautiful too. They played beautiful classical piano peaces every five minutes, the filmography was gorgeous with it's misty mornings and the costumes and sets were really neat. I think it's so interesting to see how people lived before modern day convinces, like before laptops for instance. :)
The main character Elizabeth is such a rug rat, she doesn't really care how she looks and she's so argumentative, if their's an authority figure or assumed way of something being done, she's challenging it! My type of girl.
So here are two pictures from the movie one with the couple when they actually stop fighting in the mist at dawn and another pretty one of Keira Knightley contemplating her melancholy on a spinning swing. This is a great movie so worth watching on a cozy rainy night.

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