Sunday, March 05, 2006

No Accident Tonight

I just came home and I can't sleep at all, the adrenaline is still shooting through me. So I went to the airport to pick up my little brother and on the way home we were traveling on Hwy 99 the local Hwy to come home. I was traveling in the left lane which is considered the fast one and all of a sudden another car was in my lane traveling toward me. He was traveling pretty fast and I was over a hundred for sure. Anyways I of coarse started to slow down but as he came closer to me I just thought aren't you going to get out of my lane. Well Bradley was like, "okay you need to get in the right hand lane" and just like that I was like, "okay your right" and I just changed lanes barely shoulder checking. I mean what could be worse right!
The guy just drove past me and as I looked in my mirror other cars swerving to get out of the way, their didn't seem to be an accident, oh I hope their wasn't an accident and no one was hit behind me. We called 911 right away and other people were reporting the same driver. I wish I could check some websites for Hwy patrol to see what happens in situations like this but I can't find anything yet.


Shayna said...

Hey Lisa, sorry I missed your, this is crazy stuff when things like this happen! I assume an officer on Freeway Patrol was contacted right away and patrolling the Hwy for this car! I can pretty much guarantee this driver was found or contacted! Anyways, I am just glad that you are alright!!!!! On a different note...I love CandiStar!!!! This is going to be a total hit, I can already tell! haha Thankyou to you and Candice!!! :)

stephoto said...

hey lisa - i know exactly how horrifying that can be! i was totally in shock after my car accident - thank goodness you were able to maneuver out of the way of that crazy driver!

Lisa said...

It was very intense, and yes I'm so glad I didn't get into a head on collision. :)