Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm tired of Cleaning my Kitchen

So tonight just before we headed to bed, I looked over at my messy kitchen and started complaining that I'm tired of cleaning the kitchen and I wish I didn't have to do it so much.

Quentin said, "It's because you eat too much"

What a terrible thing to say, but I'm laughing and it's funny, cause maybe it's true!!!!!!! Some one needs to give me night time retainer so I can't eat anymore after 8pm. :)

Nighty night I get to fall asleep on a nice full stomach.


FRQSTR=18806640x201683:1:4320|18806640|18806640|18806640|18806640 said...

i totally went through that yesterday, too lisa.
it never freakin ends.

then today i got so sick of it all that i threw EVERYTHING in the dishwasher and put it on. ha haha
pots, pans, anything you would scrub first.
and i was aggressive too.
was just so mad that kitchen is never clean.

Lisa said...

I know I'm not cooking tonight, I just don't want deal with my kitchen right now, have lots of other things that need to be done.