Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stick It!!

Tonight Candice, Quentin and I saw the movie Failure to Launch which Candice wrote a post about. It was quite cute but kind of reminded us of the movie how to lose a guy in 10 dates. My favorite parts were watching what Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing. I especially liked her boating outfits, lots of white linen dresses.

However their was a preview before for a movie called Stick It! I'm telling you right now this is going to be a really dumb movie but I want to see it anyways. You know the type of movie that's really corny but mindlessly entertaining and fun at the same time.

So the plot is bad mountain biking girl gets sent back to gymnastic camp and trains her butt off, pun intended. My favorite parts in the trailer are when a girl throws a drink at another (shows you how catty it is) when she does a big tumble and falls directly onto her hands and knees (see she's pushing the limits) and when she sits in a tub of ice (I tried to do that but could only sit on the edge of the tub and trickle cold water on my legs cause I'm a wimp)

Anyways here's the trailer link, enjoy!


Melanie said...

Haha! Lisa you make me laugh...I'm sorry to be the one to point these things out. But the movie you mentioned is actually called How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. Not in ten dates....hee hee. :-)

Lisa said...

Your right,lol, opps. :)

amanda said...

hi lisa

i watched the "stick it" trailor and i would like to see it too. i loved "bring it on" and so did andrew, so maybe he'll watch it with me.

Lisa said...

Yah why are movies with bitchy immature girls running around in small outfits so entertaining. I guess Andrew has an excuse but do we? :)

Green Squiggly said...

"They don't call it Gym-Nice-tics!" - i hate it when they give away the best lines

Lisa said...

But hate is such a strong word!

amanda said...

maybe its re-living high school vicariously, knowing what actually goes on in the cool cliques...or in organized sports--right, squiggly?

Lisa said...

LOL Amanda I feel like I've heard very similar statments from Mr.Squiggly himself, were did you guys get this peculiar interest in wanting to knowing what "actually happens". It's good though makes you think. :)

Lisa said...

Oh since I just finished watching an ultra girly episode of Gilmore chatter I'm still thinking of this.
K every cool cliques that I've known,
1.Has a ring leader.
2.Usually receives some sort of attention the rest don't.
3.People want to join in on the fun but the group is full.

But every clique I've ever known falls eventually because people develop different interests and go their separate ways.

Anyways that's just my 2 cents while watching TV, but now I'm kinda interested more and will have to be geeky and see if I can find a journal article online to support my claims. (Heck I need something to do while Quentin watches celebrity poker).

Lisa said...

Here's one, "Exploring the Potential Disadvantages of High Cohesion in Sports Teams"

Funny how cliques can be considered negative but the word group is more positive, yet they're almost the same thing.

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i missed gilmore girls last night. anything good happen?
i 'hate' logan.
sorry i really had to use the word hate cuz i can't stand him.
i saw his cheatin ways coming a mile away.