Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Family Birthday Dinner - Video Below!

Candice and I (our last picture together for awhile :( )

Candice holding Jack

Mommy Miranda.

Ha Ha Chris and Jack.

Click picture below to see video.

Last night I had the best family dinner ever, Jim and Gayle actually wrote me a song called, "Ode to Lisa" and they handed out sheets with lyrics and everyone sang along. It was so sweet. Plus they made a big Prime Rib dinner that was so yummy!

I have to blog this because it's one of those things that has to be remembered, and I look forwarded to reading it again a few months and years from now.


We wrote this song because we're broke
We didn't have no mo-ney
So this is what you get from us
You are our special Ho-ney

Q's the guy who had his fun
He lived on beer and pizza
Q's the guy who fell in love
With gorgeous little Li-sa

Now Lisa's got them twink-ley eyes
Hair so long and gol-den
Dimples in her rosey cheeks
Drives the boys all cra-zy

Yeah Q is her computer guy
Her knight in shining ar-mor
He knows how to make her smile
Won't let no body harm her

Now Tom's her dad and he's so glad
That Lisa is his ba-by
He would give the world for her
He's wrapped around her fin-ger

Q's the b'y that dug the pond
Q's the b'y that filled it
Q's the b'y that feed the fish
So they'll look nice for Li-sa

Now Lisa's close to brother John
Treats him like no -o - ther
Misses him when he is gone
She's like a second mo - other

Q's the guy that Lisa loves and
And Q's the guy that holds her
Texas Hold'em is his game
But most of all he loves her

Then there's younger brother Brad
Tennis is his pas-sion
The jokes he plays are all so bad
But Lisa doesn't mind them

Q's the guy who stays afloat
A-fixin'people's hardware
They got a house in South Surrey
You should see the yard there

And Edith is her Wonder-Mom
She is Lisa's men-tor
She is always on the run
But keeps them all together

Q's the guy that built the deck
Q's the guy that nailed it
He built it for his darlin' wife
He built it for his Li-sa

Lisa used to figure-skate
Did the triple ax-el
Now she's into Real Estate
Like carries 'round a sat-chel

Q's the b'y who drive to work
Everyday to Rich-mond
All day long he counts the hours
Til he gets home to Li-sa

The rest of us are here to state
We're glad to have our Li-sa
So now we want to celebrate
Cause it's Lisa's bir-day

So HappyBirthday to you girl
Happy Birth-day Li-sa
Happy Birthday to you girl
Happy Birthday Li-i-issa-ah


Christiane said...

That song/poem is great. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Did you get my MSN message?

Lisa said...

Thanks Christiane I did have a wonderful birthday and yes I did get your msn message, thank you so much. :)
p.s What's Susi up too, is she checking the blogs.

Melanie said...

That song was sooooo sweet!

amanda said...

happy birthday lisa (i guess its pretty late...didn't know, sorry)

anyway, very fun seemed to be about Quentin alot. ha ha, i guess he's really won people over, they were much nicer to him in that song than at your wedding!!

:) amanda

Lisa said...

Thanks Amanda, don't worry about it. :) Yes the song was great, I had so much fun, and maybe you're right the're nicer to Quentin now than they were at the wedding.