Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Oscars tonight

Reese won best actress!!!!

Ever since you made Legally Blond I have just loved watching you. I still to this day play that movie when ever I'm home sick and need to be cheered up. I also want to have Walk the Line on hand so whenever I feeling like singing at home you and the movie will be my entourage. I still want a chance to buy a red square dancing country dress, I would be so happy if they came back in fashion.
As I was watching Resse tonight as soon as her acceptance speech was over my phone rings and it's my Mom, "don't you just love Reese Witherspoon, isn't she just so sweet, you just think she really wants the best for everyone." I also loved her acceptance speech, how she talked about her kids needing to be in bed and her parents for even being proud of her for making her bed as a child. Reese your an inspiration to us all I'm glad you won.

After saying such positive things about Reese I almost feel bad saying this but.......

Jessica Alba this is a beautiful dress and you look very nicely put together, however I don't like the shopping cart collar bones. I quote my dear friend Chris who once said, "you know a girl is too skinny when her collar bones seemed to be sticking out and it looks as though you could put your hands in the holes made by the collar bones and then push her around." Jessica you're known for your curves so don't try to get rid of them. My own husband starts hoping in his seat whenever he hears or sees you so even I would feel a bit sorry for him if he no longer had that pleasure.


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Thanks for the tips, Lisa.

Jessica and Reese.

Lisa said...

Oh any time, come back soon Jessica and Reese it's great to have your comments on my blog?

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We'll check back after our next movies wrap.

Dark Angel the movie
Walk the plank.

t standing in for reese and jess

ha ha ha, i'm so goofy tonite

soryr, i hope this doens't offend you lisa me having some fun tonite.
everyone elses blogs are boring today.