Friday, March 03, 2006


Last night I watched the movie Proof and I really loved it, it was so good, well for myself anyways. In the movie Gwenth Paltrow has a father who's a math genius and has made major contributions to the math field. Unfortunately he becomes crazy and Gwenth has the job of taking care of him. The twist in the movie is that Gwenth herself is also a math genius.
My favorite part of the movie is with Gwenth and her father sitting together on a Friday night doing math problems together drinking tea. I spent so many years exactly the same way through highschool at the kitchen table on week nights doing math problems with my Dad. Although I didn't receive as much math gene as my Dad (ie. physics major) it was very touching to see another father and daughter spending quality time doing math problems together. Ahhh this made me want to go home and give my Dad a hug and thank him for all the time he spent with me getting me through terrible MATH!!!

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