Sunday, November 06, 2005

Craigs List

Tonight we had a reading in the kitchen of the numerous personal adds on Craigs list.
Some of these postings were hilarious, here are some different clips and titles.

sugar daddy wants sugar baby

Dress me up and show me off.
Have you ever thought it might be fun to have a man around that you could dress up and take out as your older sister. Take me with you to hang out with the girls. When I dress women seem to find great safety in my presence. In the day to day work world I have a very masculine job, I love it and am good at it. I love big boy toys and can operate almost any major construction equipment. I love to fix things and can diagnose problems and repair almost anything. I come home from work and the first thing I do is get out of my work clothes and get into a dress. It is so freeing. I love shopping, Value Village is one of my favorite. I have a room full of outfits but can never find anything to wear. One of my favourite hobbies is shopping for womans clothes. I have a collection of underwear and lingerie that is so large I will never wear it all. I have enough dresses for every day of the year. My collection of shoes rivals Emeldo Marcus (sp?). Want to go through my collectios with me? Most of the time though if you saw me you would see me as a casually dressed conservative Canadian male. I might be old enough to be your father, but could play the part of your mother. I love to touch and cuddle. I am kind, gentle and sensitive. I am the kind of gentleman that will always put you first. Want to come and play with me for a short time or forever? Lets get together and see what happens.

Oatmeal'n' Ice Cream
So I got a little damp riding my bike home in the rain tonight, and it's been a long day, with meetings, and deadlines, and too much time in front of a computer, so I stoke a big fire in the fireplace, and make myself a favorite snack: Oatmeal'n'Ice Cream. Have you ever had it? See, when you eat ice cream, sometimes you get to the bottom of the bowl, and there's still this emptiness inside that can only be filled by another bowl of ice cream. And the same thing happens at the bottom of the second bowl, and you start to thinking there might be something wrong with this. By the third bowl, you are thinking there is something definitely wrong with this, but you can't think of what else to do, so you have another bowl of ice cream.Now with Oatmeal'n'Ice Cream, it's not like that. The oatmeal fills your tummy and warms your heart, and every mouthfull is cold and sweet and warm and cozy and melting and sticky all at the same time. Which leads me to thinking:So where's the girl?Yeah, eating Oatmeal'n'Ice Cream in front of the fireplace on a rainy night would be a really nice thing to share with the girl in my life...only I ain't got one. Not one I can call and say, "C'mon over, I'm making Oatmeal'n'Ice Cream." or even, "Hey (insert pet name), I'm sitting by the fire eating Oatmeal'n'Ice Cream, what are you up to?" and chat for a bit.So I'm feeling generally lucky about where I'm at and what I'm doing, but these little moments by the fire would somehow have more meaning if I had someone to share them with.So if you would like little moments like this to be part of your life too, and if you have some little moments you'd like to share with me, send me a note.I have got a huge bag of oatmeal...

Looking for a princess

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