Monday, November 07, 2005

Lou Lou

I found a new magazine that's Canada's Shopping Magazine. I'm in love, this magazine is wonderful it shows me what people are offering at Canadian stores in Canadian dollars. It's so refreshing to look at outfits and know that if I want, I can drive down to Guilford and pick one up, priceless. I need a new trechcoat that's suitable for the rain and hopefully has a hood. So now I don't have to run all over city searching and looking it could be right there in Lou Lou, it's kind of like a treasure map, a map to all the best clothes in the city.

This is totally unrelated.
But right now I'm sitting in front of the tv craving a grill cheese sandwich, I've heard the word GRILL CHEESE 3 times now from the TV and the advertisers won I want one. My problem, I don't feel like getting up. So I've asked Quentin very nicely, or nicely for me, if he will make one, but it's not working. Owell time to get up and make it myself.


Candice said...

Grilled cheese sandwiches are sooo good. I like to make them with the Kraft single slices the best!

And the magazine looks awesome! I hate how you always see stuff you love in Vogue, Cosmo, or Vanity Fair, but all the stuff is from US department stores and boutiques!!! Good find :)

t said...

omg, markus had a grilled cheese today (with the real cheddar already sliced slices - love those new slices -they are only at superstore).
trying to get your kid chubby?
grilled cheese, all the way baby.
go fig though, he's in the 10th percentile for weight. so frustrating, omg.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, this magazine looks great, we will have to look through it before we go shopping! Can't wait till our shopping date!