Thursday, November 24, 2005

I will always have to be on a Diet

I went to White Spot today and tried something on the light menu. Chicken burger with fat-free raspberry dressing. For some reason when ever I look at healthy choices on a menu in my mind I think oh no these are the crappy items and they'll taste horrible maybe a bit acidic, hence the fatfree raspberry dressing. No nice soft yummy cheeses in these dishes.
So I ordered the chicken burger that actually had ranch dressing and the raspberry salad dressing and to my surprise I actually like it. The dressing wasn't that acidic and it reminded me of the good old Weight Watchers days.

Later I came home after having a nice little shop in the mall and to my despair the nice white pants that I bought year seemed really tight! So does that mean I got fatter this year or the pants shrunk a bit from the drycleaners or am I just not used to the fit of these pants since it's been a year. Crap it's such a gamble heading into your closet to see how items from the past fit. I mean it's either yippy these things are huge on me I must be smaller or oh no I don't remember it being this snug.

This makes me miss loose fitting clothes, I was noticing a whole bus load of old ladies that were hanging out in the White Spot lobby and I saw these two particular cute old ladies sitting together. They looked so comfortable in their soft toned outfits with matching FLAT shoes and canes. Hmm we'll that's one thing to look forward to when you're old, clothes that are designed strictly for comfort.

Anyways regardless of my experience trying on the pants, I know I need to stop slacking on my healthy eating. I made a huge cabagge vegetable soup this week, so it's time to eat more of that and less chessy yummy foods. Sigh.... why does staying in shape have to be so hard.


t said...


p.s. want a really good hamburger soup recipe? really good on the ASSets.

p.s. you are probably pmsing, girl.


Candice said...

I feel your pain Lisa...

Anonymous said...

it's the winter

since i started baking and stopped working i have gained 5 freakin pounds. the holidaze suck.

heffer girl