Saturday, November 26, 2005

Walk The Line

Saw Walk the Line last night, the story of Jonny Cash. It was a really good movie. Joaquin phoenix will probably win an Oscar or at the least be nominated for an academy award and I thought he was fantastic. He seems to have that really sweaty really agitated look down pat.

Reese Witherspoon, how I love her. She's so cute and has a fantastic sense of humor. In her opening scene she says,"oh don't worry I can keep this funny for at least 2 minutes." She wears this fluffy red dress that I think was inspired from old country square dancers. I would love to have a place to wear that red dress it looks like so much fun. Don't I wish I could wear it out on a night on the town instead of the usual shorter tighter whatever. Reeses hair is so perfect too, the color and body is great. I'm glad she can pull off chocolate brown so well, it makes me want to give it a whirl.

The relationship between Jonny and June was crazy, I thought they were both a bit nuts. But in the end it seems like the crazy stories are always the most interesting and rewarding. I'm glad that Jonny was able to clean up and find peace, it was nice to see him happy after all he went through. Okay time to download,"Walk the Line" for the nano.


Anonymous said...

i told you!


Lisa's Diet said...

I know :)

Anonymous said...

tell me more
saw her on the view other day.
apparently their relationship was forbidden, or smething like that?