Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Migraines turn me into a stroke victim.

Tonight I'm just hanging out with my"laptop" recovering from a massive huge migraine that blind-sided me today. Dammit, if you've never had one, great fantastic I hope you never do, cause they're a complete waste of time and no one ever really understands you unless they've had one.
Today I had a new symptom something totally different. I was looking at a website reading the letters but I couldn't understand any of the words. I tried to pronounce the word, "Sold" out loud but I couldn't. It was the weirdest experience I felt like a stoke victim. For some reason my brain decided to stop working, but it was actually kind of interesting being able to look at words and reaslize that the actual picture of the words was very familiar, but the letters had no meaning. I tried to read the words 'buyer' and 'seller', and I couldn't for the life of me say them outloud. Anyways I decided to lie down for a bit and then shortly after my head started to throb. Oh and I had massive auras which I never understood until I had one. Damn Migraines!

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Anonymous said...

you said it! i not only get headaches a few times a week (thats an improvement from almost everyday)but i also get migraines about twice a month, sometimes more. theyre the worst things ever-you can't be near any light, everything has to be dead silent, you cant concentrate (forget driving or going to school/work) and nothing works except sleeping it off!! good article, i hope it gives people a glimpse of what its like so they can better understand.~*ola*~