Friday, November 11, 2005

Snowboarding at Mt. Baker

Steph bought Drink'n Crunch for breakfast.

The car had a foot of new snow on it when we got back, I could barely open the door.

Here is Tom pointing us to a trail that was beside the cliff. I had a moment were there was a big rock and I almost fell down into the gully, I was scared but I somehow got around it. Besides that, Tom was the only person who really tried to know were they were headed.

Unfortunately 3 different cars didn't make it home so well, I took pictures of 2 of them.


Anonymous said...

wow those are scary pictures of the cars! i hope everyone was okay. Looks like you guys had a fun time :o)

stephoto said...

What an *unbelievable* day!

t said...

drink and cruch, r u kidding me? how cool
the states rule for snacks like that.
too cool
'here honey, drink your breakfast'. ha haha