Sunday, January 09, 2005

First Day Calculation

I'm going to use the Weight Watcher Point System. I know how the system works, so I just need actually take the time to write and calculate how much I eat.
Okay today was a bad day. I'm looking back at everything I ate and the burrito was a horrible idea. I want to try and stay at around 21 to 22. I know when I'm eating that many calories I start to lose weight.
I don't know exactly how much I weigh today I'll figure it out tomorrow.
Also I went for a small walk today so that minuses 2 points from the total.

Toast 1
Chesse/swiss 1
Milk in coffee 1
Starbucks Tuna Salad 5
Bun 3
Roast Beef 3
Toast 1
Peanut butter 2
Cottage Cheese 4
Burrito 10
Sourcream 1
Salsa 0
Biscotti 2
Neo Citron 2 packs 2

36 Points for today

Ouch well that would be a normal day for me.

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Kate's Diet said...

Thats nothing!though I wasn't trying to be healhty today and boy i succeeded!
AM:20 almond rocha, 2 pieces of toast and butter, 2 more with tomatoe basil cream cheese, chicken noodle soup
MID: turkey havarti sandwhich (on white!!) from good'ol starbucks, strawberry rubarb turnover(starbucks too)
PM : Turkey pesto sandwhich (from you guessed it .. starbucks, if it isn't obvious i work there) piece of banana loaf with butter, as if it weren't greasy enough!
PPM: spagetti and whole wheat pasta( my parents leftovers)
I am so full if you poked me with a pin i'd explode!