Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I'm waking up very hungry, I never really care if I eat in the morning but today I'm trying to wait a bit before I go make something. I'm having my morning coffee, want the caffeine to kick in first.
Okay had a bigger breakfast
Bun 2
Cheese 1
Ham 1
Egg 2
Coffee and Milk 1 That's almost 7.
Okay someone is cooking a pizza in our office and it smells fantastic. Darn girl! She should know better than to bring that here.
I need to eat something hot and yummy tonight. I think I'm going to make baked potatoes those are always so yummy. With Chili, sour cream, salsa and maybe some steamed broccoli on top.
K for lunch I'm going to have Tuna Penne Salad from Starbucks. That's 5 points.
That puts me at 12, now I have 10 left for dinner. I think I'm going to make chocolate zucchini loaf tonight too. I need some sort of chocolate and it's 2 points per slice. I won't tell Quentin about the zucchini!!!!!
Baked Potato 2
Cheese 2
broccoli 0
Salad Dressing 2
Going to try the zucchini loaf I made 2
So that will put me at 22 for the day.
I'm starting to get the hang of this, but it's annoying having to think about what I eat. It feels better though than just eating a whole bunch of stuff and then being bloated and like oh no what did I do!!!!
Hey it's 9pm and I thought it's interesting that I'm not craving to snack. When I ate dinner I felt kind of full too, so that's good, I'm starting to get used to this again. Hopefully I can keep this up..


Kate's Diet said...

Send me the recipe for that zuchinni loaf, looks like a giant turd but i'll take chocolate in any form. Also regard the starbucks tuna salad i don't think its 5 points, i'd bump that one up to at least 7 or 8 they use REAL mayo! And the term low-fat isn't used anywhere so just watch out for the hidden calories.

Lisa's Diet said...

I'm sure the'd only use 1 TBSP of Mayo I looked very carefully. I'm pretty sure it's 5 maybe 6. Whatever we'll fight about it another time. Call the Starbucks people maybe they can find out for us.