Thursday, January 13, 2005


Today I'm very tired and grumpy. Bradley was here with his freinds a tad late last night and then I couldn't sleep in the morning. Quinny needs to stay 10 feet back right now, until I feel more cheery, otherwise I might kill him unnecessarily. Sorry honey, that's just how miserable I am right now.
Toast 1
Ham 1
Cheese 1
Lunch Tuna Sandwich
Bread 3
Tuna 3
Mayo 1
Cheese 3
That's 10 points but it was good.
So I'm at 13
Time to get some soup.
Veggie Soup from Save-on 2
Zuccuni Loaf 2
Cottage Cheese 4
Latte Tall Non-fat 2

That's 23

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the gym, it's time to do some running on the tread mill, Kate your kicking my ass at the gym. I should be better now, no more slacking.
I might even try hot yoga again on Sat, man that's intense.

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