Tuesday, January 11, 2005


1 Egg 2
1 Egg white 0
Toast 1
Cream in coffee 1
2 Peices of Sushi 2
Ministroni Soup 2
Clamato Juice 0 This can be included as a vegtable serving.
Subway Ham Sandwich mustard and cheese 7 I 'm about to go get it. that will put me at 15.
I'm starving today for some reason.
It's 5:10
I'm going to go make some coffee, because this is the time when I start to want to eat. Kate is going to the gym right now and I guess I should too but I'm still feeling congested in my chest. I'll wait a few more days.

Had more coffee was able to make it till 7pm until I made
Turkey melts on a bun.
Bun 2
Turkey 2
Polvorone Cheese 2
That's 21
Although I'm sort of had one bite of Quentin's dinner tonight, and I'm snaking on raw broccoli.
Better than yesterday. :)

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