Monday, January 10, 2005

What I ate today! Monday

K I'm at 140

Coffee + Milk 1
Toast 1
1/2 2% cottage cheese 2
Sushi 4 peices 2
It's 3 oclock need to save points till tonight.

Okay it's almost 6
Dinner was
Cream cheese and celery 1
Feta 2
Yams 3
Chicken from roasted chicken 4
Oil in salad 1

So I'm at 17

I have 4 points left over for later tonight. I know I'll need them, night is my hardest time.

Low -fat Brownie 2 I wonder about the serving size though, I hate it when things are in grams
Mint and chocolate chip icecream 3 I thought it was yogurt and it ended up being real ice cream, yikes.

Okay so that's 22

I guess that's a bit over 21,
I did ballet tonight so that should count for 1 point maybe.


Anonymous said...

Good job Lisa! Looks like today went well. I have some goals i'm trying to reach for my trip to africa (mainly toning and of course losing my x-mas dinner stomach ;) I will be following you and Kate throughout this so we can motivate eachother. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

hey i had a low fat brownie today as well! it was yuummyy :)

Kate's Diet said...

I just posted my daily total, and we had the same number thats too funny! I'll call you about yoglates tommorow, I might be up late finishing an assignment, since i spent too long at Starbucks talking to a guy, (which i will also tell you about tommorow) so hopefully i won't be too tired.