Friday, January 14, 2005


Just got back from the gym, I did my body pump class first time in awhile and I did pretty good. I was getting tired by biceps but then they played Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby. And I just had to flex just a little harder. I also heard the word bikini during the song, so I was like oh yah I'm doing this because of the bikini. After class I decided I should run on the treadmill, I did just 10 minutes at level 4 but that's better than nothing. Kate next time buddy (can't remember his name) looks at me and says, "so do you run" I can go oh yes I do instead of listening to you break out laughing in the background. But I am complimented he thought I was a runner!!!
Okay food
I have toast, 1
Cheese 3 Darn I actually looked at the points on the polvorone and it's 3 not 1.
Ham slice 1

I weighed myself at the gym and I'm down to 138.8 I know that's all water loss but at least I'm getting somewhere. If I'm going to fall asleep with my stomach growling just a bit, I need results to keep going.

Oh for activities I think I should get 3 points. I'm going to have to read the WW book again I think I'm bending the rules to make it easier on myself.

Had a big salad for lunch with my Mom at the pub by her office. (their is nothing healthy at pubs)
Spinach Salad
Had Egg, Chicken, Bacon
10 Points for sure. But I didn't eat the garlic toast, I just left it there.
For Dinner having a baked potato with veggies fried, with some left over chicken and then cheese and sourcream on top. I don't care how many points it is.
potato 2
chicken 3
cheese slice 1
non fat sourcream 1
that's 7

And were watching a movie later so I'm having popcorn later 2 points.

That's 25

I might have some zucchini cake later too so that could put me at 27.

Okay I blew it tonight!!!!!!!!! Our friends came over and brought chocolate croissant ring, and I made these mexican thingys and I just ate ate ate. I'm going to be good tomorrow, it is so hard to restrict what you eat, just so hard......

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Kate's Diet said...

Maybe it was fate but i lost it too! Oh well gotta brush yourself off and start over.