Monday, January 10, 2005

It's morning

Okay I thought I'd write a morning section. So far I'm drinking my coffee and I've had a piece of toast with swiss cheese on it. I'm trying to decide what I should eat for the rest of the day. I think I''ll have to go grocery shopping maybe buy a bunch of those pre packaged lean meals. To tell you the truth I never really liked those that much they are always way to small and I always feel ripped of.
I think instead I'm going to purchase a bunch of fresh vegetables. I have to get back in to eating cucumber, peppers and tomatoes. I think one of the main reason I've stopped is because I get lazy. It's so much easier snacking on crackers and cheese.
And although I'm really not looking forward to it I have to go weigh myself today, I know I'm just around the 140 mark. I might go back to WW and do official weigh ins but I have to get to 136 before it's free again. That was my old goal weight. My Body fat is 21% at the local save on foods. I really want to get down to 128lbs, I remember being that weight a long time ago if I can get there I' know I'll be ready for the beach.


Kate's Diet said...

Hey Lisa, just thought i'd let you know a little trick with the lean cuisine type meals, heat them up and throw them over a salad, you get double the amount without any extra calories and your eating more healthy veggies!

Lisa's Diet said...

hmmm I'm going to try that with the cold slaw stuff. That should be yummy