Friday, January 21, 2005


Well I weighed myself today and I'm down to 135lb. I started at 140 so I know I'm doing something right. I think it's mostly just a bunch of water loss but I know how I am and weight does comes off me pretty quick. I really want to see if I can get below the 130 mark, I haven't been their since I was 21 and I didn't make it before my wedding so lets see if I can do it this time. I haven't really gone to the gym this week I'm been so busy. Once I've lost going to the gym will really help to keep it off.

Coffee 1
toast 1
swiss 1
tuna salad
egg 2
tuna 4
dressing 1
milk in more coffee 1
I had steak for dinner, with mash potatoes and greasy carrots.
I don't care how many points it was really good.
But I did only eat 2/3 and Quentin happily consumed the rest. I was getting full and decided I should stop eating when I'm full.
We both had some sort of honey beer which was very yummy. Expect I was watching the Canadian women figure skating pretty intently and Quentin later informed me that as we were eating he was switching our beers. (His rational: He needed more than me) Thanks sweety, I guess.
After came home and ate the sugar free mint chocolate that I bought, it was very yummy. I'm going to buy a bunch more of that stuff, cause I think it's pretty low in calories.

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