Sunday, January 16, 2005


We'll at 3:00am I had my post dancing meal, teen burger at A&W with fries. It was very delicious and I ate it with lots of joy. Besides that I had a bunch of drinks none of which I seemed to have paid for. I went with lots of cash but only spent $4 dollars so I can't complain. It was a good night, Mirage always plays good dance tunes. My gold heels kept slipping though I need to get a good rubber grip put on the end of the heels.
Okay I want to be healty again today but Mom is making Sunday dinner so I know that will be like 15 points.
I'm going to have
coffee, just as soon as on of us gets around to making it.
One dippy do egg. The kind were you boil it semi soft and then dip toast. So that's 3 points, but I might have 2 and make it like 5 or 6 points total.
I need some juice too 1
So that's 7
It's 2:30pm and I'm so tired, I want to watch a movie but I feel guilty I have so much stuff to do today. Kate I just called you and your sleeping. I think I'm going to make this new peach and pear herbal tea I just bought. It's expensive for tea so I figure it's gourmet and tastes really good. Okay I really need to get up and go do something......

Dinner at Parents.
I went to my parents for dinner tonight. My dad phoned at 1:00pm this afternoon because it was imperative that he know whether or not we would be coming cause he wanted to make prime rib. We went and the prime rib was actually fabulous. That whole rule were your supposed to fill half your plate with veggies and the other with carbs and protein did not apply. Dad and Quentin had the biggest pieces of meat possible its was like something a cave man ate. All this grizzle and a huge bone, gross. I filled 3/4 of the plate. My Mom and I ate the outside crusty parts because that's were all the seasoning is, that was good.
For carbs I witnessed my Mom take the baked potato wedges from the oven pan put them in a bowl and then take the remaining fat from the prime rib pan and dump 1/3 of it in the serving bowl for the potatoes. I was like Mom ummmmmmm, o well, too late now. We also had carrots slathered in butter. They slide so much I could barely keep them on my fork.
Despite my complaining it was the best darn dinner I've had in weeks. It had so much flavor, I felt like I was eating out of a butter container.
For points I'm not even going to bother, let just say I blew the night.
Also I don't want to fail to mention that my Mom did make a salad but I needed to use a separate bowl.
After dinner we had some family fun. My Dad told me that he wants to take my children to lessons so I better get started. I told him to bugger off. Then he decided that everyone has their price so he's like, "how much do I need to give you to get a grand child out of you." I told him 100,000 grand. Mom then told Dad to stop it!
Then my Dad decided that I should go out for lunch with him tomorrow and help my grandma go to the doctor. I told him I'm trying to be on a diet and I didn't want another fatty meal. He decided to complain about that for 10 minutes.
Bradley and Quentin were getting bored with the conversation so they decided to have a dance athon in the kitchen while Dad harassed me. Quentin decide to out do Brad by doing and head stand. Brad couldn't do it so next thing they went to the living room were theirs carpet to teach Brad. I decided standing on my head was more fun than being interrogated by Dad.
Mom came to the living room and Quentin and I were the only one who could do the head stand I tried to teach Brad but apparently my underwear was showing out my back as I did the teaddy bear stance, so I got a negative reaction for that.
I could stand on my head for only 3 seconds before rolling forward, it's hard. Quentin could stand for 21 seconds. I'm a bit jealous and will have to practice. Brad couldn't even do the teadybear stance.
My Dad stayed in the kitchen on the sofa cause he doesn't like to move too much. I told him he needs to lose 60 pounds before he can take my kids to lessons. What lessons I have no idea.
Anyways I'm so glad to be home, Quentin and I are going to watch the movie Troy which seems peaceful in comparison.
I'm going to make myself some expensive herbal tea. :)


Kate's Diet said...

I liked this post, very entertaining, or maybe cuz i can picture everything that went on. I think i should come to one of your family dinners now that Jon's gone, i can't believe i'm saying this, but it would be fun to get harassed by your dad again!

Lisa's Diet said...

Anytime you know he loves someone fresh to harass, especially pretty girls. :) But don't expect me to save you if he bugs you too much you come of your own free will.